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VIP Experience Cirque Ma’Ceo

Friday Showcase performances June 14th & 21st at 7PMEvening performances June 15,16,21,22 after the Faire at 6PM

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The “Cirque Ma’Ceo VIP Experience” is the highlight of this years North Dakota Renaissance Faire! Not only does the VIP Pass grant admission thru our Castle Gates for a fun-filled day at the Faire, but you will also gain access to an exclusive performance by Cirque Ma’Ceo!

This one-of-a-kind circus features a magical blend of equestrian arts, acrobatics, and theater. The productions star performers are a group of talented horses, well-trained by their handler and Director of the production Olissio Zoppe. These majestic creatures take center stage with their elegance and power in what is a thrilling display of acrobatics that will have the audience on the edge of their seats. The artists are masters of their craft, bringing their unique flair to the presentation. As they glide through the air with grace and power, the audience is mesmerized by their acrobatic moves.